Jesus Is Not Hidden, He Has Risen

Prayer: Almighty God creator of all things that exist, we come THIS morning giving thanks to you for all blessings that You have bestowed upon us from the laying down last night to rising this morning; from the breath that we breathe to the use of our extremities. But most of all we come with thanksgiving in our hearts and upon our lips for what you have given to the world, your only begotten Son Jesus Christ who was born to die for the transgressions that we may have eternal life for those who accept Jesus into our lives, the only way that we may see you. I pray that our faith will increase that we can do that which you have instructed us to do and that is to confess Christ preached to others that they will have and keep fellowship with you In Jesus Name Amen

    Good Morning Brothers and Sisters in the Faith and to all who may fellowship with us this day. We thank God for you and pray continually for you. It is a blessing to know that the teaching and messages we share are being received not only in the United States but also in places like Singapore, Ireland, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, The Bahamas, and other places throughout the world. The Scriptures say in Matthew 24:14 KJV And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. We are thankful for the creation of the internet that the Word of God (The Gospel) can be shared worldwide and that we are obedient to that which is written.

      I remember as a child mom would get us, children, up and dress us for church. I remember her giving us our bathes, lotioning our bodies with Jergen lotion, putting Royal Crown hairdressing on our hair, and spraying Right Guard deodorant on me and my brothers’ bodies. Then off to church with our black slacks, white shirt, and black bow or neckties, to say our Easter Speech. I remember my first Easter Speech, it was “ Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up ye everlasting doors, and the King of glory shall come in. Psalm 24:7. I may not have remembered what book it was from but those words were stored away in my heart and soul, which brings me to what I would like to share with you this morning.

      In days past I wondered, what was the origin of Easter? I know that it was to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus because some of the children would say in their speech, “He has risen”. But where did Easter come from? Well as I matured in Christ, I found out that it occurred in the Book of Acts in the King James Bible. King Herod was persecuting the church and in chapter 12, after he had apprehended Peter, verse 4 states he put Peter in prison and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter (The Passover) to bring him forth to the people. Well, you can read or know the rest of the Chapter where the church pray for Peter without cease and Peter was delivered.

      So we may observe the custom of the Passover (Easter) but we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ who gave his life that we may live. This day of celebration is more important than speeches, dressing up, hiding eggs, or any other commercial endeavors to obtain money. What Jesus did was for free to us, it cost us nothing but Jesus his very life. So this whole idea that Easter to children and some adults is about the former things is truly misguided. Now we know that rabbits/bunnies don’t lay eggs they birth their babies. To celebrate in the name of Easter is liken to celebrating a Picnic which was a form of celebration to watch a person be hung in public as the participants enjoy the event with a feast. At least back in my youth, you went to church to share the news of Jesus with the children, then hear the Word of God preached regarding the Resurrection. You went home to eat the supper as Jesus and his disciples did, then they would allow us to search for the eggs. Thank God Almighty that Jesus is not hidden, He has risen. Death could not hide him and the grave could not keep him. The Bunny could not take the place of the Lamb, for it was the Lamb that shed his Blood. So if you want to give your children treats and gifts, just make sure you educate them on the true meaning of the Resurrection and the real gift of the Resurrection. May God Be with You.

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