Are You Listening

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank you for the breath and your Spirit that You have
given me that I may see another day, another chance to fellowship with you that I may give you the praise, honor, and glory that you deserve. Thank you for your Son Jesus Christ that came down from the Throne of Grace to provide Salvation that I may have eternal life. Thank you for answering Jesus request to send the Holy Spirit so that we would not be comfortless and that He would lead, teach, and guide us through all truths. Thank you for the angels that you provide as protectors as I navigate the danger of this sinful world. Now let the eyes of understanding be enlightened so that those who read this may know not we should always listen without fail when you speak. Not only should we listen but we should obey. In Jesus Name Amen

        As a babe when first born, most of us learn to listen before we began to speak. We heard the voice of our parents or guardian. We had to hear the words, then learn the word, followed by obeying the word. For example, probably one of the first words we were told to shhh. We heard it, learned it, and then obeyed it. We were probably, told to listen, then sang to listen, then given a reward to help us to learn that when we obey, there was a reward to be received. As we matured, we learned the lesson of the consequences of not listening. The point being when our parent or guardian spoke, we learned to listen, and obey, and there was a reward or punishment waiting.

       Let me ask this question, Are you listening to God when He speaks to you, better yet are you obedient to His Voice? Why are we, the greatest creation of God who He made in Their own image, yet we often don’t obey when He speaks. In the beginning, He spoke the world and all that is in it into existence. From the atmosphere and elements of the earth, the Earth brought forth life at His word; the Wind blew on His command; The Fire appeared or fell at His command. We must first hear His voice, then know that what He speaks, the Word is able to perform. We must have Faith in order to believe in His voice, for faith comes by hearing. We suffer much because of not listening to God Almighty. Jesus said His sheep know His voice and a stranger they will not follow. Jesus learned from His Father, He would say “For I have not spoken of myself, but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should speak” John 12:49 KJV God’s powerful spoken Word, as in the Book of Genesis and throughout the Old Testament illustrates itself time and time again. He speaks to plagues and they obey. He speaks to the lions in the den of lions and they obey. He speaks to the fire in the fiery furnace and it obeys. He speaks to a whale and the great fish swallows the prophet and takes him where God purposed him to go. He speaks to ravens and they obey to bring food to the Prophet Elijah. He speaks to oil at the widow’s house and it obeys multiple. So Jesus learning from His Father does as His Father; He speaks to the water and it turns to wine; He speaks to the fish to bring money to pay taxes and the fish obey. Jesus speaks to the fish and bread in a basket and it obeys to feed thousands and more to spare. Jesus Speaks to the tempest (spirit) in the sea and it obeys; He speaks to the legion of spirits and they obey. Jesus speaks to a fig tree and it dies down to the root. He speaks to diseases, death, and the grave and they all obey.

       So if these things obey the voice of God and Jesus, why you who were created in their image are failing to listen? When God gives you an assignment and you are doing that which God has instructed you to do, don’t worry about what the world may think or say about you. When Noah was building the Ark, a man may have thought or even said he was perhaps insane. 1 Corinthians 2:14 “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerning. So when they laugh or question what you are told to do by God, join in the laughter because you are laughing at the enemy for their foolishness.

       We can learn something even from sinners. They can be an example of what not to do and the results of their disobedience. There was a song by the talented and some would even say gifted singer and songwriter Marvin Gaye that I remember that was a powerful confession of his life, it was called “Dreams of a Lifetime” Take what you can from this teaching and the song I present to some and remind others. Listen to your Heavenly Father even more than your earthly guardian. The thing they may have given you is temporal but that which the Heavenly Father gives eternally.

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To God Be the Glory Amen

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